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Offering great service which helps people feel better and live fulfilling lives is at the core of every Health Professional’s mission.

I help Health Professionals like you achieve this in practice. By showing you the anatomy and physiology of business, you can get out of chaos to owning a healthy, impactful, and profitable practice without sacrificing your live, values, income or patient’s health.

You are not alone, if you’re struggling to create a profitable, patient-centred business. We get it! Running your own successful health clinic is tough, expensive and overwhelming.  It is why we are here to help.

For Health Professionals By Health Professionals

Trust has been lost in allopathic medicine, as its proclivity to profit over health has been exposed. 

As a Health Professional, you have a critical role to play in helping clients and communities create good health, live a better quality of life, get off the painkillers, off drug dependency, and unnecessary procedures.

This means that you now have the opportunity to communicate directly with your ideal patients and share the high-value transformation your health service delivers.

However most practices are missing a system to communicate, predictably attract their ideal patients, predictably deliver them results and predictably ensure their practice is profitable.  

Good Health Is An Asset 

Good health is an important asset!  We know good mental health is strongly associated with good physical health, and improved socioeconomic circumstances for individuals and society. 
At The Markland Method we are here to support you learn and implement all the business systems you need, so that your practice can focus on helping your community reclaim their health.

Take Back Control Of Your Clinic With The Markland Method

The Markland Method teaches Health Professionals, like you, the fundamentals of how to run a business. So you can create the income, impact and freedom you desire.  Stop playing roulette with your payday or asking patients to gamble with their health.   

By understanding the anatomy and physiology of business and implementing the system you will be able to apply your clinical reasoning skills to business reasoning, enabling you to stabilise, optimise and grow your practice, gain back time, have consistent take-home pay and increase your impact.

With the Markland Method, you can finally step up to being the Health Professional you’ve always wanted to be, contribute to improved the wellbeing of your community and secure your take-home pay.

Are you ready to play your part?

Are you ready to be the CEO of a practice you can be proud of running?


Growing a profitable patient-centred practice is hard.

We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun. With the most ruthlessly effective tested method "The Markland Method".

Running a Successful Clinic is getting harder

It is difficult to keep up, with attention getting harder to find, and the world of business and health moving faster than ever. 

What if you could cut through the noise to find a strategy and the tactics that will help you ideal clients resonate with you?

Trial & error is expensive

Most practice owners learn by expensive and frustrating trial and error. 

What if it were possible to learn from somebody else’s experience and avoid this?

It's lonely as a Clinic owner

Running a Patient-Centred Practice is a lonely business, whilst you may see clients, friends and family it is likely you have no one to turn to when making business decisions. 

What if it was possible to lean into a likeminded and committed group whenever you need them most?

The Problem

You are too busy working in your clinic to work ON the health practice

The Solution

Get direct access to award winning Clinic Owner (Kate Markland) and all the trainings, tools, systems and templates she used to grow a profitable clinic for more 15 years. Work with Kate to stabilise and grow your business.


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Level Up Your Practice

Our comprehensive blog has everything you need to better understand your practice health and get it in better shape.  

We all have choice!

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I'm Kate Markland


I started 4 clinics from scratch here in the UK

  • Over the past 19 years, I have worked as a Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner
  • We helped thousands of clients get free of pain and won numerous awards. 
  • I now help health professionals be catalysts for good health
  • By understanding the anatomy & physiology of a business, you can apply your clinical reasoning skills to business reasoning
  • Resulting in both practitioners & their communities living with confidence free of fear, worry & anxiety. 



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