(LIVE) Intensive Training 6th-10th Feb 2023 GMT










5 Day Intensive Sharing The Secret's To Building A Highly Efficient, Effective & Profitable Clinical Practice

even if you don't know where to start or feel you’ve tried everything before & failed (in less than 1 hour a day for 5 days!)


Be QUICK! Spots are limited!

Are you worried about your income?  Are you scared about losing your business? Are you concerned you don't have enough time for your family? Have you lost sense of meaning within the health industry?

If yes to any of those the "Profit Without Pills" intensive, is for you!

It will take no more than 1 hour of your time per day and will put you in good stead for setting up a sustainable practice that has a positive health impact.

 The programme is designed to give you…
✓ Confirmation of your vision - this will give you focus and direction 
✓ Definition of who your ideal patient is, what their problems and dreams are 
✓ Clarity and confidence in the value you offer to help transform your patient's lives, enabling you to see your worth
✓ A never fail client attraction strategy that is underused and guaranteed to bring you results
✓ A Client Journey Map to make your own, so that clients enjoy a consistently high-quality experience with WOW moments
✓ A pricing framework to charge according to the value you deliver - trading time for money is NOT how you thrive!
✓ A strategy to pay yourself what you’re worth and stop going from paycheck to paycheck every month almost immediately!
✓ The know-how to build profitability into your daily practice
✓ A powerful technique to help you figure out how to organise your time so you’re focusing on your genius zone, so you are not run ragged all day long
Clarity on what you should be tracking and the metrics that matter to ensure your clinic remains super fit and healthy in any economy
✓ A deceptively easy way to get the outcome you desire

You Are Going To Discover How To...............



Create a sustainable and efficient clinic.  Discover a powerful technique to help you figure out how to organise your time so you stop faffing about and focus on your genius zone!



Break free from an hourly rate model.  Discover an awesome strategy to charge what you’re worth and stop going from paycheck to paycheck every month almost immediately!



Marketing is making you fail faster.  Learn how to define and communicate the value you deliver, so you can get yourself and your clinic out of chaos and make more impact with your practice!


Imagine being able to consistently and predictably attract clients, help more people, and make more money, regardless of what’s going on with the economy. 
Isn't that what you always dreamed for? 

You'll get:

  • Exclusive access to the content so you can follow all the training and implement it as you go!
  • All the worksheets and templates you need 
  • Each step can be done and implemented in just 60minutes minutes (some will take you around 20 minutes to complete).
  • Live Q&A with Kate so that all your questions get answered.

  • An invitation to a Diagnostic Call + other bonuses (that's a secret and only for those who join)

  • Opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me

It’s a great way to start taking your practice to the next level!

With "Profit Without Pills" the secrets to building a highly efficient, effective & profitable clinical practice, will be revealed.

What are you waiting for?  Get Your Clinic Out of Crisis Now!

Action-takers are always winners!

Where Is It?

The programme is delivered online, you will receive all the trainings tools and templates you need via our portal. 

When Is It?

The Profit Without Pills LIVE 5 day intensive is running for 5 consecutive days, Monday 6th - Friday 10th February 2023

What Time Is It?

LIVE Q+A is 1-2pmGMT, 2-3pmCET, 8-9am EST daily. Questions can be submitted in advance, lives are recorded so can be watched on replay.

How Much Is It?

The event is FREE, as part of my commitment to help you, help your clients and community reclaim their health. Usual price £597

Here's what some of my clients have to say


Thank you so much for your time. Once again, being around you I am inspired to do things better.  You are a real business guru
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I would like to recommend Kate's work. Being her mentor at the McKenzie Institute Diploma course, I saw her working with clients; I was impressed by her knowledge, reasoning skills and may be most importantly the way she managed clients. As a very kind empathic person, she is a great therapist!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Fantastic first meeting with my new business Guru today!  As the clinics owner, sometimes you need someone else to look into your business from a different perspective and this what was done today!  I look forward to enhancing our clinic in all aspects of what we do and how we do them. Thank you so much for your time. Once again, being around you I am inspired to do things better.  You are a real business guru
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Meet your Mentor

Who is Kate Markland?

I’m a mum to Gabriel. I’ve started 4 clinics from scratch here in the U.K, which have helped thousands of clients get free of pain and have won numerous awards.  

I started my first clinic in the 2007 credit crunch so I know what it takes to build a practice in tough economic times. It took me more than 10 years to build all the systems and figure out the way to run a profitable clinic which made it possible for me to make more impact in the world and help people feel better. Isn’t that what we all want? I have taken my 20+ years of experience as Clinic Owner and packed it into a step-by-step programme, so that you can shortcut and avoid all the mistakes I have made throughout my journey. 


If you’re looking for the push you need to take the "Profit Without Pills" intensive seriously, so you can build a highly efficient, effective & profitable clinical practice!


Remember! This training is only for serious Clinic owners who want to build a highly efficient, effective and profitable clinical practise. If you think that this is just another free training and don't think you will get value from it, then don't register. This way you will same both of us a little time.

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