🔴 LIVE The blueprint on how to emotionally connect with your ideal clients w/ Arfa Saira Iqbal

LIVE with Arfa Saira Iqbal Author of Mind Hack Marketing

Relevancy with your market is critical for the success of your healthcare business. Without it, you’ll struggle with low engagement, poor sales, people unsubscribing from your list and marking you as spam, and campaigns that fail to give a good return on ad spend.

Client attractions shouldn’t be so hard!

Arfa’s discusses with me her book Mind-Hack™ Marketing which reveals the inner secrets of how to emotionally connect with your ideal customers gives you a blueprint to successfully move a stranger into an awesome client and raving fan.

By understanding what makes your customers tick, you’ll be able to create customer-specific ad campaigns, marketing funnels, and unique customer journeys based on their needs.


Stay tuned and hope you enjoy it.


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