The 4 Secrets To Being More Productive As A Practice Owner

Many clinic owners say "I wish I had more hours in a day" but that's actually not the real problem, the problem is you're lacking focus, getting nothing finished, and always jumping from one task to another".

Step 1: Put first things first
Put your most important tasks in your diry theday before so that you start doing those first the next day before getting into day-to-day distractions.

Step 2: Get to work early Get to work earlier than anyone else. Now that you know your most important tasks and know what to do, the best way to make that happen is to get up before your clinic opens and starts. This is the time when no one is disturbing you, no emails, no calls, nothing, and your mind is clear.

Step 3: Avoid Meetings and Distractions
When you must meet, keep it short and effective. Have an agenda for meeting's  with just the people needed Turn off the phone, email, and notifications

Step 4: Do one thing at a time
Multitasking results in overwhelm and stress it is an unproductive way to work

Stay tuned and hope you enjoy it.


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