How to write emails that get opened | Kate Markland

Are you wondering how to write emails that actually get opened?

I know many clinicians find writing quite difficult and will feel totally overwhelmed when some marketer suggests sending a weekly email newsletter or a monthly email newsletter?

And the fear that goes through the clinicians can be terrifying and let to total paralysis and inaction, that's why with this video I want to help you make it easier, enjoyable.


Join me live on Tuesday 29th of March 2022 From 10am until 4pm GMT at Manchester Meeting Place, The University of Manchester, Sackville Street Campus, M1 3AL: 

This is the first live event in two years, which will give us an opportunity to meet one another and during the workshop, I'm going to go through the seven fundamentals of a practice profit plan.

You're going to understand what it is that your clients really value about what you do. So that you can make them an offer and trade. You're going to collect expertise for an income, which means that you have a profitable practice. That's sustainable and take home, pay for yours and your family's financial security.