Dealing with an Irritating Skin Condition

One of the few things I hate is an irritating skin condition. This is because the more we try to treat the disease, the more it gets irritating. To fix this, you simply have to get rid of the skin condition. This way, your skin is the toast of many and you gain confidence.

Joining in on today's show is Harley Farmer – a vet surgeon who, interestingly, doesn't practice on animals. In this conversation, we explore the following:

● The journey into vet medicine and what it means not to practice on animals.

● A deep exposure to how to sell key useful products while in the system

● How best to treat your skin, letting it heal. ● What to do after using an irritant.

● Exploring various groups of persons and their different preferences/irritants.

● Understanding the causes of skin irritation

● The place of moisturizing dry skin.

This conversation shares insight on dealing with an irritating skin condition. Listen in to know how to care for your skin differently today. You're one step away from glowing skin, which is why this podcast is for you.

Stay tuned and enjoy.


Dr Harley Farmer Vet who is helping human put an end to Excema-

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