Pathway to Financial Freedom

It is a unusual occurrence to find a Doctor who doubles as a professional property expert.

On today's episode of the podcast, I speak with Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Property Investor Mark Sheldon Lloyd. 

Lloyd helps doctors secure their financial freedom, preventing regret when their financial and personal dreams are not met.

Mark and I discussed the following:

  •   How the NHS jobs are not the world, rather just roles in an organisation.  
  •   How to quit the NHS
  •   One's relationship with money and its application to life
  •   The transference of the human perspective from medicine to property investing 
  •  Understanding your core spirits, and dance
  • plus more

This conversation serves as an eye-opener to financial freedom for doctors and healthcare professionals. So, if you're been struggling financially, this podcast is for you. 

You can follow Mark's work on the links below:

Stay tuned and enjoy.


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