From Physio Practice to Clinic Ownership: Sally Roberts' Journey to Success

Owning a physiotherapy clinic can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Not only do you have the opportunity to help people improve their physical health and well-being, but you also have the potential to run a successful business. 

In this episode, Sally Roberts, an experienced Physiotherapist, company owner, employer, and grandmother, takes us on her journey to owning a physio clinic practice spanning years of professional practice.

In this conversation, we explore the following:

- Sally Roberts’s journey to owning a physio business

- The role of physiotherapy in serving patients and the importance of doing an excellent job to prevent further medical problems. 

- The importance of considering other factors like nutrition, sleep, and emotional issues that may contribute to a patient's condition. 

- The importance of creating a safe environment for patients to share their emotional struggles, and the value of NLP training in this regard. 

- Why patients should take advantage of physiotherapy services.

- Tips for running a successful clinic business

With the right approach, one can achieve success and succeed in creating a healthy clinic business that positively impacts the physical health and well-being of patients.

Listen in to know how to know the right approach to take for your business.

You're one step away from running a lucrative and fulfilling clinic and other business ventures, which is why this podcast is for you. 

Stay tuned and enjoy. 


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