The Habit Mechanic: Unpacking the Science of Sustainable Habit Formation

From small steps to gradual changes, developing effective habits is a powerful tool for success and fulfilment. Joining in on today’s episode is Dr. Jon Finn, the author of the Habit Mechanic, a best-selling book that took him over 20 years to write. 

In this conversation we delve into the following:

  • Regulating emotions in all areas of life, including injury recovery
  • Analysing habits and improving them with behavioural science 
  • Training the brain to build better habits
  • The "Nature plus nurture" concept 
  • Nine core factors that drive behaviour and thinking
  • Building sustainable new habits by starting small and increasing difficulty
  • Building confidence through small steps and positive case studies.


Tune in to discover how to take action towards developing new, beneficial habits. 


With just one step, you can channel your energy into creating a more fulfilling lifestyle. This podcast is here to support you on that journey, so stay tuned and enjoy.


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